Wholesale Vinyl Wrap Printing in Chicago, IL

Wholesale Wrap Printing

If you’re looking to get your wrap printed we can help with that.
If you’re a shop and are looking to expand to wraps but don’t have a printer yet, contact us. We can work out a special price for you.
We work with quality materials, such as Avery Dennison, 3M, and ORAFOL.

Don’t look further for a printing partner.

Also, if you don’t have a design we can help. But, if you already have/bought a design, we’ll do the printing and lamination for you.


We use Latex Ink / HP 335
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Wholesale wrap printing is the process of supplying custom printed wraps in bulk orders. This is beneficial to businesses with multiple vehicles that need to be wrapped. This is often referred to as fleet wrapping.  

Vehicle wraps come in a variety of different styles:

  • Full Wraps – These are applied to the entirety of your vehicle. Anywhere there was visible paint would be covered with the new wrap.
  • Partial Wraps – As the name suggests, these wraps only partially cover your paint job.
  • Decals – These are designs that cover a section of your vehicle but aren’t typically large enough to fully wrap a section. These are great ways to display a logo on top of your vehicle’s pre-existing paint.
  • Lettering – Similar to decals, these are letters that can be cut to any font and applied to your vehicle to showcase your location, email, social media handles, and more.

Wraps can be printed differently to offer different and original effects. These include:

  • Glossy Wraps – These wraps offer a lot of reflective shine.
  • Matte Wraps – These offer virtually no reflective or glossy appearance.
  • Satin Wraps – These serve as a halfway point between glossy and matte wraps.
  • Brushed Wraps – These wraps will give you the closest appearance to a typical paint job that you would see on the road.

Our wraps are made custom so their prices will vary. The best way to get an estimate is to reach out to our team of experts and request a free quote.

The cost of these procedures will differ depending on which provider you go with. While we do not offer vehicle painting, we can attest to the usefulness and quality of vehicle wrapping. Also, branded vehicle wraps can reach thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of potential customers over time. This can result in higher lead generation meaning you’ll get a high ROI for your wraps.

Vehicle wraps will cover entire sections of your vehicle, if not the entirety of its paint job. Decals, on the other hand, cover a much smaller section. Decals are typically a design like a logo that sits overtop your vehicle’s paint.

Vinyl printed wraps can last up to 7 years with proper care and maintenance. Their lifetime can be affected by the wear and tear they see. Wraps on vehicles that are only used on paved city streets in nice weather stand to last longer than wraps that are consistently taken to rough terrain or places with inclement weather.

Our process for wrap printing allows us to create incredibly detailed designs that look great wrapped around your vehicle. A lot of detail goes into making the perfect vehicle wraps as there are many sections where you will not be working with a flat surface but still need the design to be appealing or the text to be legible.

As our wraps are custom-made, there is not a set price we can give. Contact us directly to discuss your vinyl wrap needs and we can provide you with a free quote.

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