Custom Wall Signs & Graphics in Chicago, IL

Wall Graphics

Transform your home’s/office’s walls.

Wall graphics are a great way to get creative with your space and they can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them as decoration or as an accent piece, you can also use them to create commercially or just to add some color.


6 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Wall Graphics

  1. Design: When it comes to art the limit is your imagination, however, when it comes to commercial-type decals, make sure you’re conveying the message you want to transmit.
  2. Styles: Familiarize yourself with the options available, from smooth to texture finish. Permanent, Removable, etc.
  3. Color: Try to contrast the colors on your wall and window graphics so they stand out.
  4. Size & Shape of the Graphic.
  5. Location of the Decal: It’s important to consider if the decal will be exposed to the elements or other possible factors that can damage it, for example, scratch resistance is a necessary feature if it’ll be in a higher place transited. UV protection is necessary if it’ll be facing the sun directly. Talk to us and we’ll guide your choice.
  6. Price: Covering a wall shouldn’t be pricey, we can help you figure out your best options considering how long you want to keep the graphic and the protection needed.


These special signs are flat and can lie flush with walls or add elements of texture. They can be used to create a sense of cohesive branding in your workplace, liven up a dull environment, or provide instructions or directions to visitors and employees.

Wall graphics can be used to vastly enhance the environment of almost any room. Creating an enjoyable atmosphere will also improve the appeal of your workspace to customers and employees.

Unlike stickers or certain kinds of tape, decals are designed for wall use. This means that they can be applied and removed without the risk of damaging your walls!

Wall decals are designed for use on walls and are made from durable vinyl. Stickers are typically designed to stay attached to a surface indefinitely and can cause damage to surfaces.

While decals aren’t technically stickers, they are able to adhere to surfaces in a similar fashion. In Businesses, decals are often used for cohesive branding of workspaces, adding texture or design qualities to walls, creating privacy for areas with large windows, and more! In homes, they can add texturing or create the illusion of materials like bricks or other masonry.

Enhancing your workspace creates a better environment for clients and workers. This can lead to an increase in client satisfaction and employee delight.

This will vary from decal to decal. In an ideal environment without harsh sunlight or other damaging aspects, a wall decal should last up to five years. For the most accurate approximation, speak with one of our experts about your wall decal needs today!

Vinyl is the type of material from which decals are made. Vinyl stickers and vinyl decals may seem very similar at first glance, though there are some differences in the specifics. Decals are cut from adhesive vinyl while stickers are printed onto adhesive vinyl.

Lobbies are an excellent location for decals! Lobbies are typically the point of entry to your business for clients so it’s important to make a statement and wall graphics do just that. Whether you make yourself known with a large decal of your logo, accentuate your space with classy or professional motifs, or provide directional information, you can’t go wrong with wall decals for your lobby.

Decals are easy to remove but the process does require patience to have the best results. The best practice is to gently lift a corner of the decal enough to grab it and slowly peel it in the same direction it is oriented. If the decal is rounded and does not have corners, you will want to start with an edge that has a good amount of surface area. You can always speak with one of our experts regarding the best practices when removing wall decals!