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Vehicle Wraps

It’s no secret that vehicle wraps are some of the best-looking advertisements out there. With customized vinyl graphics being applied directly to your car, truck, or van, your business will literally come to life and people will take notice! But what exactly are these wraps? How do they work? And where can you get them? Keep reading to find out more about the importance of vehicle wraps and why they should be part of your advertising strategy!

What Is a Vinyl Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl sticker that can be applied to almost any surface. It’s often used to market businesses, but it can also be used for more artistic purposes.

How Does It Work?

A Vehicle Wrap is a type of marketing strategy that can be applied to any business or personal vehicle. The purpose of a car wrap is to make your vehicle more recognizable and easily marketable. Vehicle wraps are cost-effective, easy to maintain and provide an enormous amount of exposure for both personal and professional vehicles alike. A reliable printer, designer, or manufacturer can produce fantastic results on any substrate. With each new print job completed, you’ll add another layer of self-expression to your Car Wrap.

Where Can I Get My Car Wrapped?

There are multiple places you can get your car wrapped, including auto dealerships, independent shops and online. But it’s important to choose a reputable company that offers high-quality work at an affordable price. Here at First Impression we can help you from design to installation.


A good vehicle wrap has two major qualities:
  • The first is a pleasant, eye-catching design. If marketing is your goal, it’s important to make sure that your company name and information are displayed in a clear and readable way.
  • The second is high-quality materials. Your vehicle wrap needs to be able to resist rain, snow, dirt, and more. While wraps are not permanent, you will want them to last as long as possible.
  • You can promote your business while traveling from location to location.
  • Vehicle wraps are some of the most successful forms of offline marketing.
  • You can give your vehicle a brand-new look.
  • You can direct your advertising towards the local community.
  • Wraps can become damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.
  • You may need to take precautions to increase the lifetime of your wraps.

Prices on vehicle wraps will vary from person to person depending on the number of wrap jobs needed, the type or size of the vehicle, and other factors. It’s always best to discuss pricing options with one of our professionals to get the most accurate quote. Contact us today!

Trucks are always an excellent option for vehicle wraps. Their size and shape increase your ability to attract attention for your business with branded vehicle wraps. It is important to keep in mind that wraps can get damaged by debris, gravel, and other materials while you are driving. If your truck is needed in rough terrain or job sites with loose materials, it’s best to exercise caution to keep your wrap looking presentable.

Vehicle wrap advertising is more effective than stationary billboards. With the ability to garner attraction at a rate 2.5 times that of static marketing tools, they make an excellent addition to any advertising campaign. Vehicle wraps also have the bonus of constantly being “on.” If you are driving down the street or sitting in the parking lot, you are advertising with your vehicle wrap.

There are so many types of paint jobs or car wraps you can apply to your vehicle, all of varying quality, that it can be difficult to determine what is more cost-effective. In many cases, wraps come out less expensive due to a less extensive preparation and application process. It’s also important to keep in mind that wraps are typically more durable as they form a layer over the car’s existing paint and will not chip. To discuss pricing, speak with one of our experts today!

The lifetime of a vehicle wrap depends on several factors from the weather of your environment, how often you’re on the road, the amount of direct sunlight the wrap will be in, and more. Typically, a vehicle wrap will last anywhere from three to seven years.

While there are certain requirements for vehicle wraps, they are completely legal. It’s important to work with a company experienced in the logistics of vehicle wrapping so that they can advise on what is or isn’t allowed.

In most cases, wraps will not damage your paint job. However, wraps do have the ability to harm paint under certain circumstances, particularly if the paint was already in poor condition or not properly bonded to the car. It’s good practice to bring your vehicle in so that our professionals can assess it and decide the best course of action.

It’s important to protect the material of the wrap as much as possible so hand washing is typically your best option. You can use also use an automated car wash provided it is brush-less. The bristles of many car washes may prove a bit too rough and cause damage to the surface of your wrap.