Custom Vehicle Lettering & Decals in Chicago, IL

Custom Vinyl Lettering Chicago

Did you know that car lettering and decals can be a valuable asset to your marketing strategy? An eye-catching design applied to your vehicle can help you reach new customers, boost brand awareness, and generate leads. After all, when people see your vehicle on the road, it’s the first time they may notice your business in action.

Vinyl Lettering Starting Process

Begin by picking up a piece of paper and a pen. Without thinking too much about it, write down a list of your favorite three phrases or the services you offer that you would like to highlight. If you’re having trouble thinking of anything, don’t worry; we can give you some ideas.
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How Long Will It Last?

The short answer is 3-5 years, according to the manufacturers of the vinyl. However, when it comes to applying vehicle lettering and decals, there are several factors that can determine how long they’ll last. For instance, you’ll want your decals to be made from a quality adhesive in order for them to adhere well and not be easily peeled off when faced with the weather, water, or bumpy roads. You’ll want someone to professionally install it to avoid any costly mistakes.

How to Remove Lettering

When it comes time to take off vehicle lettering, use a plastic razor or other specially designed adhesive removers. If it’s too stuck you can try with heat (hairdryer, torch), but be careful not to overheat the surface. Never try taking off old lettering with sandpaper or wire brushes—this can damage your car’s finish. When you’re done, wash away the residue with soap and water, dry thoroughly, and apply wax. Make sure not to leave any marks on your paint; you may want to do a practice run on some conspicuous place first. Contact First Impression Graphics today for further information.

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Custom Lettering and Decals

Display your business name and information with pride through professional vehicle lettering. Improve your local advertising strategy by adding signage to your vehicle for the other drivers and passersby of Chicago to see. Use text and designs to share your business name, logo, and contact information for locals to take notice of. These vehicle decals differ from traditional vehicle wraps as they are not used to cover the majority of your paint job. Instead, vinyl is cut into individual letters and graphics which are then applied to your vehicle. 

With custom lettering, you can market your business to the massive number of drivers in Chicago without a second thought. Once the vinyl lettering is applied, you’ll be advertising every minute your vehicle is within eye-shot of the public. 

It’s important to implement interesting but legible text and designs in your graphics to help your brand attract attention. If you’re searching for custom vehicle lettering near you, look no further than First Impression Graphics. We are an experienced signage company with experts and top-tier design strategies, and we want to help you enhance your business to reach its full potential.

Vinyl lettering for cars, trucks, or vans should never be undervalued. They serve as movable billboards that can reach viewers all over your area, so you don’t need to rely on the traffic of a single location. Especially in Chicago, vehicle lettering is practically a necessity as less-common forms of signage are key in garnering attention. Not to mention, Illinois has over 8.5 million licensed drivers. This means advertising on your vehicle in Chicago, or the surrounding areas is a huge opportunity that companies should take advantage of.

These graphics and letterings also serve to build your brand awareness. Even if you capture the attention of someone who is not currently in the market for your business’s services, you’ll still make an impression and have the potential of being remembered if they decide to look for you in the future. The chances of this go up significantly if they notice your vehicle lettering on multiple occasions.

Vinyl Vehicle Lettering in Chicago

At First Impression Graphics, we pride ourselves on our ability to create stunning signage in all forms including custom vinyl lettering. We know that signage serves as most customers’ first impression of you, and we strive to ensure it’s a positive one. We are experienced in design strategies that can be utilized to ensure you get the vinyl lettering you need to promote your brand and be highly visible to potential customers. Take your advertising to the streets of Chicago with vehicle graphics & lettering that engage potential customers and drives leads in the form of calls or emails.

If you are interested in getting customized lettering for your car, truck, van, or fleet, contact us today!

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Vehicle lettering is a form of signage that uses vinyl which is cut into letters and attached to a vehicle to spell out a brand name and information. This is typically used for advertising purposes. They can help expand your audience, increase your recognizability, and draw in new leads.

Vehicle decals are like vehicle lettering, but they are not only cut into letterforms. They can be customized into a variety of dynamic shapes and even into your business logo. These can be paired with vehicle lettering for the best effect.

Vinyl lettering refers to the material (vinyl) that vehicle lettering is made from. Both are used interchangeably at times, but vinyl lettering could be referring to wall vinyl letters rather than specifically vehicle ones.

Vinyl decals are great for advertising! Their customizability means you can incorporate your logo, no matter how detailed, and have it come out looking crisp and professional. Businesses with a company vehicle, or even a fleet of vehicles, love to add decals so they can get additional advertising just from traveling around their area of service.

“Decals” refers to the specific type of sign, while “vinyl” refers to the material it is made from. Both terms are often used interchangeably but it may be best to stick with decals as it is more specific. In most cases, all decals are made of vinyl but not all vinyl signs are technically decals. Decals specifically have an adhesive back to attach to vehicles.

Vehicle decals are made of vinyl. It is a specific type that is hearty and weather-resistant to ensure that it stays attached to your car and looks great for years. While being tough and damage-resistant, this material can also be easily removed so you can always update your vinyl lettering without fear.

Vehicle decals are removable! It’s best to have an experienced sign company like First Impression Graphics perform the removal so everything comes off cleanly with no residue. This is great for replacing old, damaged decals or for updating your branding. This also means that the original paint job on your car will be unaffected when the vinyl is removed properly.

Typically, you can expect your vinyl lettering to last between 2 and 7 years with proper upkeep. The lifetime of your vinyl decals will vary based on the wear and tear they will see. Driving through rough terrain, being out in inclement weather, and being left in harsh sunlight can all shorten the length of time your vinyl is effective.

At First Impression Graphics, your decals will vary in cost based on sizing, design, and number. The best way to get an accurate estimate of the cost for your custom vinyl decals is to contact us for a free quote.