Custom Vehicle Lettering & Decals in Chicago, IL

The Best Place to Get Vehicle Lettering

Did you know that car lettering and decals can be a valuable asset to your marketing strategy? An eye-catching design applied to your vehicle can help you reach new customers, boost brand awareness, and generate leads. After all, when people see your vehicle on the road, it’s the first time they may notice your business in action.

Starting the Process

Begin by picking up a piece of paper and a pen. Without thinking too much about it, write down a list of your favorite three phrases or the services you offer that you would like to highlight. If you’re having trouble thinking of anything, don’t worry; we can give you some ideas.

How Long Will It Last?

The short answer is 3-5 years, according to the manufacturers of the vinyl. However, when it comes to applying vehicle lettering and decals, there are several factors that can determine how long they’ll last. For instance, you’ll want your decals to be made from a quality adhesive in order for them to adhere well and not be easily peeled off when faced with the weather, water, or bumpy roads. You’ll want someone to professionally install it to avoid any costly mistakes.

How to Remove Lettering

When it comes time to take off vehicle lettering, use a plastic razor or other specially designed adhesive removers. If it’s too stuck you can try with heat (hairdryer, torch), but be careful not to overheat the surface. Never try taking off old lettering with sandpaper or wire brushes—this can damage your car’s finish. When you’re done, wash away the residue with soap and water, dry thoroughly, and apply wax. Make sure not to leave any marks on your paint; you may want to do a practice run on some conspicuous place first.