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Single / Double Side Printed Decals

Window graphics are a cost-effective way of advertising. It’s a form of outdoor advertising that can be seen by people in the street, on their way to work as well as people walking by. They’re very versatile, you can catch your customer’s attention with them as well as provide information.

The price of a printed decal varies depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Double Sided Window Graphics Designed for Chappie's Cafe

Decals can be made in any color of vinyl or banner material that you like. You can even have them printed with designs and logos! They come in all different shapes – squares, circles, triangles, etc., so they’re perfect for any type of storefront or window display.

Window graphics can be used for anything from promoting a new product to attracting customers to a restaurant. The most popular use is to advertise products or services within shops, cafes, restaurants, and other commercial businesses.

They are easy and quick to install. They are also relatively inexpensive and offer great visibility for your brand or company. Window graphics provide you with the opportunity to reach people who may not have been aware of your business before.

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Print decals come in a variety of forms and two of such are single- and double-sided prints. These are similar tools with one very distinct difference. Single-sided decals feature a custom graphic on one side while double-sided graphics feature images on both sides.

Single-sided printing allows for graphics to be printed on one side of the vinyl material. Double-sided printing allows for both sides of the material to be printed with graphics, like double-sided printing on paper. Single-sided decals are great for walls while double-sided prints are preferable for windows so that your graphics are displayed from all angles.

Double-sided stickers, or vinyl decals as we call them, are prints with images on both sides. One of the sides still has the adhesive material so that the graphics can adhere to solid surfaces. These graphics are typically used in locations like windows to allow for visibility from both sides of the graphic.

When a vinyl decal is “printed double-sided,” images and graphics are printed on both sides of the vinyl material. This is to serve the purpose of allowing for your graphics to be viewable from both sides. This is ideal for posting your graphics in windows as single-sided prints would be blank from one side.

Double-sided prints need to go through a specific printing process that allows for both sides to feature custom graphics. These are made with a specific, professional quality printer made for handling materials like vinyl.

Single-sided prints only have graphics and images on one side. This is great for graphics that need to be posted to walls or floors as only one side would be viewable. On the other hand, double-sided graphics have images on both sides. These vinyl decals are used for posting in windows so that the graphics are viewable from both the inside and the outside.

Single-sided means that the vinyl decal only has graphics or images printed on one of its sides. These are often posted on walls or floors where only one side is visible.

Deciding on whether your vinyl graphic should be double-sided depends on location. If you plan to post your graphics on a wall or the floor, there would be no reason to make your prints double-sided as they would not be viewable. If you plan to post your graphics in a window, it may be best to go for double-sided graphics. This allows the vinyl decals to be seen from both sides and prevents you from having visible, blank signage.

Yes. In the case of vinyl decals, double-sided refers to printing graphics on the front and back of the vinyl decals.

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