Chicago Office Signs

Who are we?

We are First Impression Graphics, a sign company dedicated to creating the best outdoor and indoor signage for our customers. We dedicated our craft to full printing different types of signs for our customers to use in their marketing and advertising ventures. First Impression Graphics has a wide variety of different signs and products used for indoor and outdoor signage, which is built by our skilled and experienced employees who are dedicated to customer satisfaction, so we may be one of your best options for Chicago office signs.

Cowork Space Lobby Signs for Business

What are the types of office signs that we offer for our customers?

First Impression Graphics offers custom office sign design where we will create and install any type of sign that you have designed for us ahead of time and put it up.

  • We also create and install channel signs that will illuminate your company’s name and draw attention to your company building.
  • Lobby signs are used to welcome your customers when they come inside your building and create a feeling of comfort.
  • Wayfinding signs are used for directions inside your company building for executives, exployees or customers.
  • Banners are mostly used temporarily to promote a seasonal product.
  • Digital displays will be used to illustrate and portray a company’s messaging. Products will be shown using technology and graphic displays. This uses a much more colorful means to showcase the message

Why are office signs useful?

Office signs are the best and most efficient way to mass market your company and advertise the skills and products that your company offers. By using outdoor signs in different parts of Chicago, you draw more attention and traffic to your services by alerting potential customers about what your company is about. Indoor signs are also useful because it breathes life into your building and acts as a doorway for the consumer. By creating and installing signs in your company building, you will be creating a more qualified and more satisfied customer base.

Office Wall Graphics

What other types of services do we offer?

We have a wide range of services that we offer:

  • Vehicle graphics where we will create signs to put on your company vehicle.
  • Window graphics for mass advertising and illustrating company ideas on the windows of your company building.
  • Wall graphics where we can create the perfect graphic illustration on a wall inside your company building so that customers may see it.
  • Banners that will target passersby and much more.

Contact us to get started on your next office signs project.