Custom Lobby Signs in Chicago

Do you need office lobby signs for your Chicago business or commercial building? From smaller reception signs greeting visitors to 3D lobby signs to direct visitors to different businesses in a larger commercial structure, lobby signage is essential to your complete corporate décor.

Whether you operate a hotel or resort, a commercial building with multiple business suites, or a smaller retail store or hair salon, custom lobby signs give many customers the first impression of your establishment. A professionally crafted custom lobby sign contributes to your brand image, sending clients a subliminal message about your high-caliber products or services. Your lobby signs reduce confusion for first-time visitors and provide the helpful information they need, all while providing a memorable impression of your office.

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Lobby Signs in Chicago Are the Face of Your Business

Lobby signs often greet visitors to your business before your employees do, so it’s very important that they convey the right impression, from the colors and font to your brand logo and especially the information contained on the sign. Engraved lobby signs convey a sense of elegance, for example, while dimensional lobby signs may be a better option for a larger corporate office building lobby with multiple entrances, allowing visitors to read information from different sides.

Some office signs can even include a bit of company history or your business motto, depending on the impression you wish to convey.

Why Choose First Impression Graphics for Your Custom Lobby Signs?

Are you unsure where to start when planning the look of your lobby signage? We can help – our friendly team works with your vision and budget to create the right first impression for your target customer. We can give you options for different types of lobby signs, as well as how your information will look in different styles or how the signs would look crafted from different materials. Our clients benefit from our countless template options, or we can work with you to create something from scratch.

Many of our clients use lobby signs to:

  • Create a positive first impression with visitors, employees, or vendors
  • Reinforce your brand and image
  • Reinforce your business culture

And much, much more!

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Types of Custom Lobby Signs First Impression Graphics Creates

Your lobby signs are often the first branded thing visitors lay eyes on; therefore, they are vital to creating the right first impression. A lobby sign should create a clear impression to visitors that they’re in the right place and direct them where to go to check in with reception, find a business suite, or give them other important information. The size and location of the lobby signage, including whether it’s a pedestal sign in the middle of the entrance, signs hanging on the wall, or both, is also a consideration. Many times, lobby signs are most effective when placed to be viewed from multiple angles.

Choose the Best Lobby Sign Company in Chicago

If you need to update your lobby décor and signage for your Chicago business, choose First Impression Graphics for lobby signs. We offer everything from illuminated or backlit signs to dramatic, eye-catching wall graphics. We can help you create the best positive, professional first impression for visitors to your building.

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A lobby sign is a type of signage, usually made from plastic or metals, that is placed along the walls of a lobby. Since they’re located at the main entrace everyone entering the building should go through the lobby before accessing the rest of the building, making it a prime place to make a powerful impact.

They convey a sense of professionalism, improve brand perception, and give customers a warm welcome.

The price of a lobby sign depends on the materials used, the size and number of the signs, and the material or surface it is to be affixed to. Longer-lasting materials are often priced higher than regular materials. Get in touch today and get yourself a free quotation.

The answer depends on the type of material used to create the signage. It also depends on the type of sign your company is interested in. These projects are usually taking 5-6 weeks to completion. Our company is realistic when setting timelines and never compromises quality for a quick fix.

Each client prefers using a unique color scheme representing their brand. Our company has a wide array of colors to choose from. Additionally, we’re able to match any color the customer might have or work with other color systems (PMS to name one). Most importantly, the color you choose will not affect the durability of your company signs.

Lobby signage can be made of a variety of materials depending on what qualities and look you are aiming for. You will have plenty of materials to choose from, including acrylic, plastic, aluminum, steel, vinyl. Factors that will influence the type of material you choose include the size of the lobby sign, how it will be mounted and wether it’s exposed to the elements or indoors.

Lobby areas are different. A busy or squeezed lobby area can lead to premature wear and tear of lobby signs. Furthermore, a lobby area with children present may not last long as they may damage the signage while playing.  

The material of a lobby sign is also a crucial factor in how long it will last. Typically, the sturdier the material and the more isolated the sign is, the more likely it will last a few decades.

Lobby signs play crucial roles in any company. They take up space on otherwise bland, unremarkable walls keeping the client busy by informing and educating. They are a great way to welcome a guest or client and tell them a little about yourself as they wait their turn. Lobby signs also show direction, keeping a place orderly and organized.

A good lobby sign is a worthwhile investment for any company because you do not need to keep replacing the signs; most lobby signs are a one-off investment.